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Fast Way Arabia Company in 100% Saudi Owned, sole proprietorship with its head of- fice located in Ras Tanura,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . The company founded in 2008 and since its existence, it's has provided services to many corporates, government and private sectors in the kingdom. Fast Way Arabia Company is approved by Saudi Aramco & Saudi Electric Company and Sabic group of Companies . Hereby we 're pleased to submit our Company's pro- file / pre-qualification Document Which include all the details regarding our company and the services we offer .Fast Way Arabia Company mainly involved in Industrial Manpower Supplies, General contracting Services, Operation & Maintenance and Trading. Fast Way Arabia Company line of Business Included three major departments :
  • Operation & General Contracting Department
  • Industrial Manpower Supplier Department
  • Industrial Trading Department
We trust this submission will be of Interest to you and if there is any further require- ment of information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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